The goal of our mission is to make professional instruments as good and as cheap as possible so that everyone in the world has much more chance of playing a professional instrument regardless of the economic environment.
In some regions of the world there are talented musician who have never played a professional instrument in their entire lives or even held one in their hands. As we all know, a good musical instrument is timeless, which is why we use durable materials. This means that Fair Wind instruments can be used sustainably by several generations and make many people happy.


  ~ My Wish ~
I am Tomomi Kato. I research, design and make wind instruments since 1987 in Luxembourg and Germany. I have had many happy coincidences in my life and am very grateful for where I am today. I studied musical instrument making as a handcraft with old master in Germany. At the same time I have followed the development of modern industrial technology and participated in several projects as a technical consultant.
~ Problems ~
Have you ever thought about what a „student instrument“ actually is? From an insider's point of view, they are cheap replicas of professional instruments. Industry has no interest in investing serious development there to add more music and soul.

True quality of musical instrument is invisible. Few musicians with much experience can judge its quality by playing and hearing whether it is a multi-million dollar Stradivarius violin or just a toy. Even for many professional musicians, it is becoming difficult to identify genuine Stradivarius violins and create credible certificates. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use this "uncertain space" to achieve economic profit through advertising.

The biggest problem in our system today is that the student models are mass-sold instruments at cheap prices. That's why they reach most people in the world and create a completely new image that has nothing to do with origin or tradition. At the same time, real masterpieces are being forgotten. People also forget the true appreciation for the heritage of our ancestors.

~ My Solution ~
Fair Wind is a mission where we develop a professional instrument together with professional musicians. We train young idealists for our arts and crafts of making wind instruments in order to offer the highest quality for fair prices.

Great calm on stable happy everyday life is foundation of arts and crafts. Our craftsmen want musicians to give their best work on stage. Musicians can make many people happy with our instruments. There we find our happiness and motivation for tomorrow. This is "Ikigai" of the artisans.

The value of soulful sound is timeless. It can touch people's hearts beyond time. We wrap the sound in durable materials so our instruments will last through generations. We thank the valuable resources such as metals, energy, water and manpower that we can work in harmony with the environment. If a musical instrument is used for over 100 years and stands the test of time, there is a higher probability that one day everyone in the world will be able to have access to a professional instrument.

Music education is also our big topic. A child begins to learn classical basics. But later they will meet very different music from baroque to rock. In the 20th century, a trumpeter had several instruments for different music style. Today we provide a classic basis and also big flexibility. BSC "Sound Sytler" can help musicians achieve style-appropriate sound even more precisely on a single trumpet.


Please support our mission.We will not achieve our goal with a good product alone. We need the support of many people who believe that music and soul are important for our humanity and who feel that some things are not happening fairly in our world at the moment.

Pro Instrument for Everyone!




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