High Speed Valve Springs


BSC HSVS open up a new door to trumpet players.





Latest technology produces a spring which gives your piston valve the musical "TOUCH" of piano key.

With HSVS not only are valve changes more swiftly combined, but valve bounce factor is minimized and barely noticeable. This enables you to execute fast and complicated valve work more effectively.

HSVS also helps cure sticking valves and ensures problem free valve action, reliability and easy maintenance.




VS01 for Vincent Bach Trumpets, Cornets
VS02 for BSC, Schilke, Benge, Besson, King, Jupiter, Bauerfeind piston valve,
VS03  for Yamaha, Schilke Piccolo




At the onset of HSVS please fill underside of valve stem (Alminium) to fill with Slide Grease to minimize noise and spring to prevent oxidation and decomposition of aluminum.

To ensure optimum valve movement, we recommend to renew after use at 2 years HSVS.


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