HISTORY of BSC-TR1S Standard




Hello Trumpet Players,


Wynton Marsalis Tomomi Kato

My name is Tomomi Kato.


I was born in Tokyo and came to Germany to study the handcraft of making brass wind instruments from Meister Hans Schneider. Meister Schneider was a practical teacher at the vocational school and Meister class for over 30 years, I was able to learn medieval trumpet construction from sheet brass to a trumpet.


I mainly worked with top musicians from all over the world to research even more about the music and technology of the trumpet, such as Ferrari "Formula 1" at the peak performance level at that time.


ferrari for all trumpet folk!                                             



I've been very lucky in my life without them I won't have become the way I am today.

In the middle of my professional life, I recognized my actual mission of life...


"To share my knowledge and experience with many people around the world".


Ferrari for all trumpet folk!


Ferrari for all trumpet folk!


Since 2012 I've been trying to achieve the highest level of musicality as cheaply as possible. Because I also work as a technical consultant for music industry worldwide, so I have intercontinental connections and friendship with owners and engineers of production to help me achieve my mission.


In 2022, after 10 years of preparation and investment, I completed my first step to build a super trumpet for a low budget.


The Birth of BSC TR1S Standard




Now I need your help!

Join the BSC community and be a part of the great misssion to enrich our trumpet world and schools with even more power, precision & elegance at the highest level of performance.

You know how much "musicality" there is in a trumpet under $2000. Most student and intermediate models are just cheaply built professional trumpets with no musical intelligence and in-depth research.

In the BSC-TR1S STANDARD I tried to integrate maximum performance from a given budget. Any trumpeter can feel these benefits immediately after just a few notes. Therefore I need help from you who quickly recognize the true value of the trumpet and share it with other trumpet players and also future trumpet players who cannot yet recognize this potential.


Sets new standards with BSC-TR1S STANDARD in your trumpet world!


Best wishes,

Tomomi Kato




Brass Sound Creation   Luxembourg   L-6687 Mertert   e-mail : bsckato@yahoo.de