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    Fair Trumpet BSC-TR1S


In some regions of the world there are talents who will never own or hold in their hands a professional trumpet in their entire lives. Donating there with 100 trumpets does not solve the problem. My idea and mission is to create a greater and more enduring opportunity for all talented people to one day experience or own a super trumpet, new or used, by spreading long lasting super trumpets around the world.

I have seen with my own eyes how western industry and traders abuse technicians in Asia. You put a current bestseller on the table in order to copy it as cheaply as possible. They made the highest demands, although they themselves had no technical knowledge. There was no music, no intelligence, no respect, no love. Investors celebrated historic success and profit by oppressing workers as in colonial times.
Seeing no future, many talented technicians opened their own factories. Some technicians I met at the factory and with whom I have become good friends asked me for technical support.
No one dreamed of big profits, just simple, stable, happy lives with no worries about the future. We can only achieve our goal with a good concept and stable quality standards.The technicians were talented and kind, but the resulting products were utterly impersonal. After a while I realized why, because before that they worked for ego-capitalists. They also did something just to make money. Everything else has no meaning at all.Today we work according to the motto “Behind every trumpet there is a musician." "We want to make them happy!” This rethinking not only increases quality, but also awakens interest and motivation “doing something good for the world”. This is our basis for innovation and new tradition.




Even expensive trumpets have flaws that affect the musician's performance. Sooner or later musicians hit the wall. The problems rise and rise like a balloon as the player gives more energy. He then has to fight against the wall with even more strength and loses the reserve for musical precision and elegance. I try to fix the bugs as much as possible. So the player can achieve the same performance with little effort and has enough space for music. Even beginners benefit from learning their exercises faster because they can devote their energy and concentration to the music and body control much more efficiently.



I work with conservatories and orchestras where musical principles are taken as everyday habits. I strictly adhere to this basic rule from design to delivery. I believe that this rule of professional musicians is also compatible with the smallest music school in the world.



Ultimately, the value of a musical instrument is its "invisible" musicality, a "secret code" that makes the difference. Huge amounts of junk trumpets are produced and thrown away every day. They have no musical code and value from the start. Soon they will only be worth scrap. In contrast, some instruments look so old and used. But the greatest musicians play them and they sound wonderful. Good violins are several centuries old. Because they have a musical code. Musical code is “timeless” and we try to mold this from durable material that lasts for 100? years.

Please be careful!
Some manufacturers and experts irresponsibly say that "handmade" determines the value of a musical instrument. From a professional point of view, most of the old instruments are "handmade" because there used to be no industry. But only a few of these instruments are still active today because musically they are not good enough. The basic concept in construction and production makes the decisive difference with "musical code". These differences come from a lot of experience, creativity, and talent before we even touch brass sheet.



Technically, building a professional instrument or a junk instrument doesn't make as much of a difference as labor, energy, and resources. But if we could now offer professional musicality cheaply according to an intelligent concept, how many junk trumpets would then disappear from the planet?
With our concept we want to make a small contribution to environmental protection.


If we consider culture, tradition, music, intelligence, or love as a "capital of humanity", we can give capitalism a new meaning and enable other lives on earth, maybe?
Welcome to Fair Trumpet World!





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