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What is BSC Sound Styler actually?

You can use a screw to vary the musical properties of the entire instrument to adapt to the sound of different music styles.

Can't you believe that something like this is possible?
Then you just have to try it out!

What´s new?

Innovation 1

Once upon a time, talents for certain styles often played special trumpets with unique mouthpieces. As next, through the development of playing techniques and lessons, a new generation mastered all styles. They take several trumpets and mouthpieces on stage. BSC Sound Styler can increase the variability of a single trumpet. You don't need so many trumpets anymore.

Innovation 2
 Once upon a time, a trumpet player could only change mouthpieces or the entire instrument if they were not satisfied with the equipment, without a system and with great risk. With BSC Sound Styler, you can apply individual features in a “measured” way with a system and without risk. This way you can quickly test the sound during rehearsals with a band and easily undo any changes yourself.

Innovation 3
Once upon a time, students and children were given just one trumpet and that was it! A young person soon discovers a favorite style of music, but has to continue learning on the wrong trumpet with inferior sound. Most of them cannot afford expensive special trumpets. Yes, on BSC Trumpet with Sound Styler you can easily and inexpensively achieve a trumpet sound that suits your style of music.

Can't you still believe it?
Then you just have to try it out yourselves. Many trumpet players have already started!





BSC Sound Styler



by  Tomomi Kato 2024