If we could pre-plan our production through PRE ORDER, we avoid large risk investment credit from the bank and uncertain long storage that can destroy many start-up projects. (especially in such a difficult time with covid pandemic)


I'm sure you know many companies invest so many millions of dollars just for advertising today. But actually, the whole cost was paid by customers. I want to save on advertising costs and for that I prefer to deliver you much more performance and quality for the lowest price.


That's why I ask you to share "PRE ORDER CAMPAIGN of BSC-TR1S Standard" to your friends and on the Internet. I believe your videos and photos on the Internet are certainly legitimate and more valuable to other trumpet players than beautiful photos on advertisements from big companies.


Send me order email and I'll add you to the list. I deliver to whoever ordered first. You don't need any prepayment either. I only ask for your understanding because "quality is our priority", it may take some time from order to delivery. Our team can only grow step by step.


Please understand that we cannot offer 30 days "test & money back" condition for BSC-TR1S "Standard" due to very low price. When returning, I ask the customer to pay for both shipping costs back and forth. But I can hope that when you play the first note on BSC trumpet, you'll never want to let it go forever.



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