for trumpet



BSC 3P CASE  for trumpet offers musicians triple protection.


BSC-3P-case for trumpet



1. Protection of  Musician

In the dark, a large reflector plate is elegantly integrated into the design and quickly attracts everyone's attention.



2. Protection of  Trumpet

Thanks to an intelligent construction of the inner workings, stable parts of the trumpet are held, so that sensitive areas are safely protected in the event of a strong impact from an accident.


3. Protection of  Case

We have put a lot of effort into the design, material and workmanship to ensure the case has a long life. For example, we know from experience that the side pocket is pushed through by a music stand. We supply additional reinforcement for the floor.



BSC 3P Case for Trumpet - Refrector Plate

The BSC 3P CASE has 2 handles, shoulder straps and backpack function, ideal for the city and also for children or cyclists.

BSC 3P Case for Trumpet


XXL expandable pocket is practical for everyday use by trumpet players because we often have to carry several mutes. Experience speaks!


BSC 3P Case for Trumpet - XXL Pocket






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