Brass Sound Creation BSC 3P CASE  


BSC 5P CASE  for trumpet offers musicians quintuple protection.


BSC-3P-case for trumpet



P1. Protection of  Musician

The large reflector, elegantly and unobtrusively integrated into the design of the case, can quickly attract the attention of other road users and protect musicians in the dark.



P2. Protection of  Trumpet

Thanks to an intelligent construction of the inner workings, stable parts of the trumpet are held, so that sensitive areas are safely protected in the event of a strong impact from an accident.


P3. Protection of  Case

We put a lot of effort into the design, materials and finish of the cases to ensure they last. E.g., we musicians know from our own experience that many musicians and music students carry music folders and music stands in their side pockets. The tip of the music stand breaks a small hole at first, but soon enlarges the whole bag. We supply wall protection with.



P4. Protection of Emvironment

We strive to use valuable resources as a product for as long as possible. We collect practical experience from our customers and look for intelligent solutions. We want to make a contribution to environmental protection.



P5 Protection of workers

The happy life of our employees and fellow human beings is our "capital" and a stable basis for long-term good quality and service. Whether workers, suppliers or business partners, we wish a good cooperation. This is how we redefine our "capitalism".



BSC 3P Case for Trumpet - Refrector Plate

Multi carrying comfort

The case has two handles for sideways and upright carrying, shoulder straps and backpack function, ideal for the city on public transport, also for cyclists and perfect for children.


BSC 3P Case for Trumpet


XXL "Trumpeter" pocket

Large expandable side pocket is convenient for all trumpeters as we often have to carry multiple mutes. all in one. Experience speaks!


BSC 3P Case for Trumpet - XXL Pocket






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