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Hello saxophonists, saxophone teachers, saxophone students and saxophone lovers,

Here I present you a small screw that can make big improvements to your saxophone playing.

KATO Neck Screw BSC Saxophone 

KATO Neck Screw by BSC Saxophone.


In the YouTube video we show you that just one screw can improve the entire musical-acoustic foundation that musicians of all levels in school and on stage need in all styles of music.

  1. Tone beginning: must arise cleanly and directly.

  2. Tone middle: must sound stable and even.

  3. Tone end: must end naturally in the room.

KATO Neck Screw in TEST


* Please listen with high quality speakers or headphon!


Do you listen the difference?

  1. Actually, the beginning of the tone and the middle of the tone must not have a difference. But “Original” has a different tone at the beginning compared to the middle. It is proof that the instrument repels something when it is played. Musician tries to overcome disturbance, but it does not always succeed and becomes a risk on stage.

  1. Sound should sing and communicate with the audience. But "Original" sounds thin, platy, mechanical, is far removed from human voice and warmth.

  2. With "Original", the room does not resonate. When the player stop playing, the sound immediately disappears with no echo of the room. This shows during the whole performance that the whole room air could not vibrate, only selectively around the instrument.


Here comes the solution!

BSC "Kato Neck Screw" eliminates interference and increases the resonance properties of your saxophone.

  1. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional musician, you get clean "note-beginning" and precise control of your tones.

  2. A sound center is created. You can sing with it and be heard better by the audience.

  3. Rich overtone makes players feel their own sound warmer, but this also enables harmony with other instruments and enriches the ensemble sound.

  4. With a loud live band, your sound will be better picked up by the microphone. Because your tone resonates more intensely in the sound center.


Increase the performance of your saxophone!

You will be amazed at the great improvements that can be achieved with such a small thing.


Best regards,

Tomomi Kato



Let´s listen the difference

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