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  most saxophonists call "power neck"





BSC SUPER NECK Saxophone    


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Dear saxophone player,


my work begins with solving the construction problems of brass or woodwind instruments. The room between the mouthpiece and the body is not logically mathematical. That's why you can cause big problems with just a neck or you can significantly improve the whole instrument.

At BSC Super Neck I solved all the problems I could find. As a result, the neck efficiently converts energy of player into musical tone.

Most sax players who have tried the BSC Super Neck on their own sax call it the "Power Neck". Because the same saxophone suddenly gets much more dynamics, overtones, and power even regendary old Selmer saxophones.

Classical players describe more beautiful, intense sounds and smooth tone changes. Many saxophones intonate better with BSC Super Neck than original one.

Test BSC Super Neck in your local store before you buy a new instrument for thousands of dollars.


Best regards,

Tomomi Kato


Attention: BSC Super Neck does not fit all saxophone brands because some saxophones have different jont. If you have any problem, please contact us.





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