BSC STANDARD sets new standards in the trumpet world of the 21st century.







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The sound concept is modern and all-round, following the trend of the 21st century.

Free air flow is at modern trumpet school. BSC STANDARD supports modern playing method.


Fast and accurate response in all tone range is great advantages. With most trumpets increasing resistance from "g2" -"c3" has been eliminated. Players enjoy the advantages of playing high notes or large interval jumps more precisely and safely without risk. With pop or big band, precise rhythmic entries in the high notes become easier.

At the low register below "c1" the instrument quickly develops full sound enrichment when 3rd-4th trumpets just as fast as 1st trumpet have to prepare the foundation of chords.

Equality of individual tones is a feature of BSC STANDARD. Some trumpets already have a sound difference with individual natural tones, which the player has to constantly correct for slow pieces.




New BSC High Speed Valve Assembly

I installed my latest innovation in the valve assembly. Player feels no resistance when pressing the valves. In addition the valves works very reliably.





Growing trumpet with player

I supply two different 3rd slides, one without water key for professional sound and other for practical with water key and adjustable finger ring for children. Small children can learn to use 3rd slide. Once they are big enough, they can switch 3rd slide to get professional sound.


BSC-TR1S Standard


KATO Water Key Screw

KATO water key screw improves response and offers free blow.

BSC-TR1S Standard


model : BSC-TR1S "Standard"
key : Bb
bell diameter : 4,803" / 122mm
bore : ML ( 0,459" / 11,65mm )
finish : silver plated
mouthpiece : 1-1/2C mouthpiece
case : BSC 3P CASE
  3rd slide for student






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